How does the appointment with dietitian look like?

The stages of weight loss program at Moj Dietetyk

1st stage

    Chose the easiest way to set up an appointment:
    By phone – By e-mail – Filling up an online application form

2nd stage

    Prepare a current medical test results

    (blood tests, morphology, lipid profile, glucose and other, depending on the health issues)

3rd stage

The first appointment with the dietitian.

    Your past and current lifestyle, eating habits, physical activity and general health status are discussed. Dietitian interviewed you about your health and food preferences. Regarding to that the list of your favourable food is created and used in your diet plan. Then regarding to your preferences and daily routine, the number and times of meals are selected. The professional body composition measures are taken. The results of the measures not only estimate your body weight but also the proportion of body fat and fat free mass within the body, as well as body water percentage and your basic metabolic rate. According to the results and health interview the dietitian suggests the most accurate diet plan for you.

The diet plan collection

    The collection of the first diet plan takes place personally in the clinic. The dietitian explains the diet plan and gives you tips and advices how to use it properly. The dietitian helps you to find out how to overcome the possible obstacles and is happy to answer any of your questions regarding the diet plan. The dietitian helps you to set up a goal until the next meeting.

4th stage

Control meeting with dietitian

    The control meeting takes place in the clinic 10 days after the diet begins. The results of the first dieting period are assessed and discussed. You have time to share your dieting experience, rate the tastiness of the meals and discus the obstacles if there are any. The dietitian motivates and assists you to set up next goal. After the control meeting the new personalized 14 days diet plan is prepared for you.

5th stage

Following control meetings

    There is a control meeting every two weeks. After a meeting you receive a new personalized and varied diet plan for next 14 days. While setting up a diet plan for you the dietitian takes into account your time ability to prepare the meals and your food preferences. You learn how to create a healthy nutritional balanced diet. Furthermore you get to know how to include some sweets in your diet without feeling guilty. For the entire period of the diet plan your dietitian supports you and helps you to overcome the obstacles. The number of appointments depends on your needs and establishments from the first meeting.

6th stage

The stabilizing diet

    Once you achieve your goal the stabilizing diet plan is created for you. You receive the recommendations and educational materials how to avoid the yoyo effect. After the stabilizing diet you are welcome to attend the control meetings without any additional costs. The number of the control meetings depends on the number of undertaken diet plans.

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